Intelligent weighing garbage collection station

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As an intelligent weighing manufacturer of the Internet, Xiamen Giant Lin instrument Co.,Ltd produces and manufactures various Scale items and can provide a complete set of intelligent recycling solutions for renewable resources.

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What is the Intelligent Garbage Collection?

It was made up by Rubbish canLifting structure and system and Sealing system

1、Rubbish can has barrel inside, the rubbish bag bearing ring was installed on the top of the barrel, the bottom cover was installed on the bottom of the barrel and the drive assembly was connected with the bottom cover.

2、Lifting structure and system connect with the rubbish can to drive it up and down.

3、Sealing system can achieve the automatic packaging of garbage and sealing when the garbage is full in the rubbish can.


Why the Intelligent Garbage Collection system deserve you to own it?

1、The garbage quantity is speeded up gradually in the city, and the costs for dealing with the garbage is increasing, in that case, our Intelligent Garbage Collection system have a great future, because it can solve the costs problem, and improve the efficiency of the garbage disposal.

2、Artificial Intelligence is the trend of the world, so do garbage recycling. The garbage could be classified by the intelligent garbage collection system through the artificial intelligence.

3、The traditional dustbin has many disadvantages, such as low efficiency of cleaning、garbage classification by human and it’s too much work. Nowadays, we’re bringing technology in, and the garbage can be classified by automatic machine, it’s saving time and labor costs.

4、It can help you make more money. 

(1) You can charge merchants who ads on your intelligent garbage cabinet.

(2) You can get the money through selling the garbage.

(3) You can get the money through selling the intelligent garbage cabinet.

(4) Items can be intelligently identified and cash return, more people will throw the garbage into your intelligent garbage cabinet.

How the Intelligent Garbage Collection works?

It’s very simple using by below procedure.

Scan the code to open the cabinet

Put the garbage into the cabinet

Choose the garbage type

The system will identify the goods automatically

Choose cash back or to your Phone Account (Wechat Pay or Alipay in China)

Put the confirm bottom


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